February 27, 2009

International Women's Day: March 8, 2009

International Women's Day is March 8, 2009

Did you know that we have a day? Even thought it has been official since 1911, it was news to me until very recently. According to the IWD site, International Women's Day, "is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future." When you visit the site, you'll see that it is devoted to addressing this topic in the areas of innovation, business/finance, media/arts, work & government.

The official theme for this year is "Women and men united to end violence against women and girls." Historically, however, many locales have adapted the theme to make it more relevant to the circumstances in their areas of the world. In 2008, there were 684 events in 56 countries. So far this year, 514 events are scheduled in 40 countries.

To find out what's happening anywhere in the world, click here. If you want to plan an event of your own, you can upload it here to encourage others to attend. If all else fails, consider gathering with friends and being thankful for the good company that you keep.


Abbie Mulvihill said...

I first learned about this years ago when I was in Scotland. For that day, they changed the name of the Scotsman newspaper to the Scotswoman. I loved that!

Michaelle said...

Great idea!