February 16, 2009

Anne's Training Journal: week 3

Anne lives in Missoula, Montana, and is training for the Grizzly Triathlon in April. Believing that she is not the typical triathlete, (age 49 and not a regular competitor) Anne feels that if she can pull this off, anybody can. This is her training journal:

This was my third week of training for the triathlon—only eight more to go.

Sunday morning is when my class from The Women’s Club meets. Since there is still snow and ice on the ground in Montana, we have to do our training indoors. The two trainers running the class really made us work. We ran, did lunges, push ups, crunches on the ball, curls standing on the bosu (an interesting torture device that makes you engage your core as you try to balance), we jumped rope, ran some more, and the did more exercises. I came home afterward and crashed on the sofa. It took me until late afternoon to get anything done around the house. On Monday, walking was difficult. Nonetheless, I persevered and took a spinning class on Monday.

It was a good week. Last week I was tired all the time and had to drag myself to the club. This week, I was much more energetic. I’m still eating a lot, and I haven’t lost any weight. Maybe next week.

This week I also signed up for another triathlon in August. It’s one of the Danskin all-women sprint-distance races. The swim is in Lake Washington (Seattle) which will be interesting. It means that I will have to keep training all summer. It is a big time commitment, but I want to get to the point where strenuous exercise is a daily necessity. This last year, I was frightened several times by my health, and I want to reverse that trend. I also want to be able to enjoy life and able to take part in any fun opportunity that comes up. Signing up for a triathlon and training with a group is a great way to meet new people, get in shape, and achieve a challenging goal. Along the way I hope to become a better swimming and bicyclist. I don’t have great hopes for my running, but I’ll keep at it.


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