February 23, 2009

Anne's Training Journal: Week 4

Anne lives in Missoula, Montana, and is training for the Grizzly Triathlon in April. Believing that she is not the typical triathlete, (age 49 and not a regular competitor) Anne feels that if she can pull this off, anybody can. This is her training journal:

Seven more weeks to go until the race, and I’m feeling pretty good. There are good exercise days and not so good ones. My run on Friday felt much harder than the one I did on Sunday, but I can run more than three miles without stopping now, I don’t have to alternate breaststroke with freestyle to swim for half a mile, and I can climb several flights of stairs without too much puffing.

I had a doctor’s appointment this week. My cholesterol was a little higher than she wanted when I was in six months ago. She also wants to keep an eye on my kidney function. The good news: My cholesterol was down 14 points and my HDL level (the good cholesterol) was up 9 points. My doctor said that it’s difficult to increase your HDL that much. She thinks it’s because of all the exercise.

This afternoon we’re doing time trials as part of triathlon training. We’re swimming 500 yards, biking 12 miles, and running 3.2 miles. I suspect that I’ll be pretty tired afterwards so I have to get a few things done before the training. Like go to the grocery store. My biggest challenge with training is not getting all the exercise in, it’s finding time to do all the everyday chores that keep piling up.

This week I have to go to training in Denver on Friday, and I teach a night class on Thursday night in addition to my full-time job. And I have to train. Normally, I would let the exercise go and not worry about it, but this week, I’m determined to keep working out. I have to make exercise a priority like everything else. It will pay dividends that I’m already seeing in my health and mental attitude. This is my battle. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

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