February 26, 2009

Meditation Marathon

I was just reading an interesting post at the Everything Yoga Blog. There is another site holding "Compassion Meditation Marathons" every Saturday through 2009. Their goal: to bring more compassion into the world through 1 million hours of meditation.

For me, meditation is a quiet time when I focus on freeing my mind from any thoughts and concentrate simply on my breath, so I wondered how a site could organize an online meditation marathon. To be honest, it's pretty neat.

The emphasis here is on guided meditation, where someone verbally walks you through visualization and positive thoughts. There are 40 separate guided meditations on this site and you can sit for a marathon and go through all 40 or you can do several at a time for several weeks in a row. Check the step-by-step instructions on the left side of the home page or click here for instructions on how to get started.

If you are new to meditation this is an easy way to begin your own practice. If you are experienced then you already know the wonderful benefits meditation can bring into your life. Either way, I encourage you to visit Compassion Meditation Marathons for a peaceful inner adventure.

Addendum (4/17/10):
I recently learned about a nice site that will help you take mini meditation breaks throughout your day.  Visit the Mindfulness Bell and set the pleasant bells to ring at regular intervals or randomly. As long as you are near your computer, you'll hear the tones gently reminding you to take a moment to concentrate on your breath and quiet your mind. 

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