February 2, 2009

Adventure Club Week: Part I

On Friday, February 6, my Adventure Club will hold its annual meeting. I'm telling you this because I want to encourage you to spend the next five days gathering some friends & some ideas and forming an adventure club of your own. My blog plan for the week is to help you get organized and give you a bunch of fresh ideas that will inspire you to try something new.

One thing to keep in mind when forming an adventure club is that what is an adventure to one woman might be bland or overwhelming to another. You may want to focus on outdoor sports while your friend wants to try yoga, cooking or car repair. If you keep an open mind, the possibilities for you and your friends are endless.

Afraid you'll be short on ideas? Check out the list of Adventure Ideas on The League of Adventurous Women Web site."

Regarding my meeting at the end of the week, this is how it usually plays out:

The women of my group gather at my house at the beginning of each year to choose four official adventures and a few miscellaneous activities.

All of the club members will arrive with an appetizer or dessert to share -- there will be beverages as well -- and then we'll get down to business.

I maintain an ever-growing list of potential activities that I will print and distribute. If anyone has something new, we'll add that to the master list as well.

We'll open the floor to suggestions for the next 12 months, write down all the ideas, take a vote and voila! A fun-filled year is planned.

The next step is to get volunteers to lead each activity. Frequently, a woman will offer to lead something that didn't make the final cut or a community service event that is near and dear to her heart and that's where the "miscellaneous" adventures come in.

Our plan isn't set in stone. You have to be flexible in this adventurous world and there are always interesting opportunities popping up throughout the year. However, the annual meeting gets the club off to a great start.

updated: May 20, 2013


Hawaiian Songbird said...

Thank you for your suggestions on an adventure club. It sounds so exciting. I look at some people who just sit and do nothing at all. That won't be me. I've ordered 3 books on adventure living.. I can barely wait to begin.

Hawaiian Songbird said...

I am anxiously waiting for my books to arrive, and to get going.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have gone through your blog. It seems very interesting. I am going to start an Adventure Club very soon.. Can I have some names suggestion for club?

Michaelle said...

My suggestion is to ask you club members for name ideas. They'll be able to come up with something that captures the spirit of your group.