June 5, 2008

Start an Adventure Club!

I was a Girl Scout leader for years. I took Scouts on dozens of fun trips but my part was counting heads and applying Band-Aids and filling in paperwork. A few years ago, 2005 to be exact, I decided that it was time for the adults to have fun too. So, I e-mailed some friends explaining that I wanted to start an adventure club and asking them to respond if they were interested. Personally, I was surprised by the number of women who told me that they were too old for "that sort of thing"!

When I had about a dozen women I had a meeting -- involving a lot of wine and appetizers -- and proposed that we pick four adventures for the year. I told everyone that participation wasn't a requirement. Every activity should be an opportunity not an obligation so there shouldn't be any stress. We all agreed that we would limit the group to women -- no kids, no husbands, no significant others.

That was years ago and these days the League of Adventurous Women has more than 50 members representing a variety of ages and backgrounds.  We have single 30-somethings and grandmothers, research scientists, teachers, federal workers and stay-at-home moms. Friends invite friends, I still invite women that I meet along the way. I keep a master list of adventures but I don't limit our adventure list in any way. An adventure to one woman may be ordinary or scary to another so it's good to have a variety of choices. I do keep all of the suggestions anonymous (I'll never tell who wants to learn pole dancing!).

FYI, some of the women who told me they were too old are now the ones who lead the most adventurous trips.


Julie said...

I want to start an adverture club for women. I need some suggestions

Michaelle said...

LOL! Well, you've come to the right place! Start by talking to your friends and seeing who would be interested. Let them invite other women. Then set up a planning meeting. Ask your group to come prepared with adventure suggestions and a feel for how many adventures they'd like to do in a year. My group is pretty busy so we limit our adventures to one or two every three months. Ask your group to list the things they'd like to do and keep a master list. I guarantee that the master list will continue to grow! Respect the fact that everyone's definition of adventure is different so allow your list to include any and all suggestions. My group has done everything from rock climbing to flower arranging; wine tasting to the firing range. Vote on your first adventure (or adventures for the first year), get someone to volunteer to lead each event and you're off! Does that help? Don't forget to keep check in here for new adventure ideas.

Michaelle said...

Julie - I've just posted a list of possible adventures to get you started.