April 13, 2009

Earth Day Adventures

Earth Day is next week, April 22, and you've probably been thinking, "I should do something this year..." Well, funny that you mention it because there are quite a few options out there for you and for your Adventure Group.

Let's start with Green Apple Festivals because they take place this week: April 17-19. Click here to visit Volunteer Central and join one of the 10 events happening in cities across the US.

The Earth Day Network is also seeking volunteers (individuals or groups). Click here to visit their volunteer page.

The US Government is getting into the act; click here for a wide variety of activities ranging from things you can do on your own to working in your community to working with the Forest Service.

Treehugger likes the idea of organizing a river clean up. Click here for more information. However, their link for getting started doesn't work so click here to connect with AmericanRivers.org.

And, of course, the Environmental Protection Agency has a site as well. Click here to visit the EPA.

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