April 27, 2009

A Brooklyn Pizza Adventure

Hungry? Have plans to visit NYC this summer? Albert Grande of Pizza Therapy has a post about what he calls an amazing pizza adventure -- The Brooklyn Pizza Tour.

Tony Miura created the four and a half hour tour that features slices at two of his favorite restaurants: Grimaldi's (thin-crust) and L&B Spumoni Gardens (Sicilian). The Brooklyn Pizza Tour also lets you digest on a bus, taking in the sights and history of one of the city's five boroughs, between stops. Albert includes an interview with Tony and a clip from the Today show to entice you. I have to admit that after watching Today's hosts and a bus load of hungry people swear that they are eating the best pizza of their lives I'm almost ready to admit that New York's pizza is as good as the pies in my hometown of Chicago. "ALMOST" I said....

Click here to read Albert's post.


Gaelyn said...

It looks good, but I'm with you on the best being from Chicago near where I grew up in the suburbs.

Michaelle said...

Malnati's in Elk Grove was my personal favorite.