April 1, 2009

Anne's Training Journal: Week 9

Anne lives in Missoula, Montana, and is training for the Grizzly Triathlon in April. Believing that she is not the typical triathlete, (age 49 and not a regular competitor) Anne feels that if she can pull this off, anybody can. This is her training journal:

Only 12 days to go before the race, and I’m starting to get a bit nervous. I read a tidbit on Yahoo yesterday that said that triathletes were twice as likely as marathoners to have a heart attack. The article put the blame on the swimming, especially the races with open water swims. I guess it’s fortunate that we do our swim in the pool.

I’ve been kind of a slacker for the last few days. I had to go to a gift show in Great Falls for work. While I was there, I did not exercise. I kind of had an excuse. I had hurt my heel running on Wednesday, and I needed to rest. My heel feels better now, so I’d better get back to it.

While I was out of town, the rest of my triathlon training group did swimming time trials. I wish I had been able to make that. I’m still worried about my swimming time. Because we’re swimming in a pool, they kick us out after 28 minutes. So I have to do 1,000 yards in 28 minutes. Last week I was 1.2 minutes slow. I think I can go faster. Unless you grew up swimming competitively, I think it’s difficult to ever feel completely comfortable in the water, but I’m going to keep trying. I like swimming, and I can swim a long way, but I can’t swim fast.

This is our last week of hard training. Next week we start to taper off before the race.

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