August 27, 2008

Extreme Tree Climbing

Remember being a kid and climbing that big tree in the backyard and feeling like queen of the world because you could see into your neighbor's yard? Well, these days the trees are bigger, the climbing is higher and the views are MUCH better. Happily there are also ropes, safety harnesses, helmets and guides. TreeHugger has an article about extreme tree climbing and some links to get you and your adventurous friends headed to the woods.

Three sites mentioned in the article:

Tree Climbers International

Treetop Trekking in Ontario

Photo courtesy of Tree Climbers International


Merlin said...

People who climb trees and work on them are normally called arborists. Whenever you are climbing a tree or a pole you must always be careful. One small mistake can cause you serious injury. You must have a belt or lanyards that can provide you support if you slip or fall.

Michaelle said...

Thanks Merlin.