August 26, 2008

From the Blogs: Weird Fruit Fun

Treehugger has a nice article to introduce you to the pros (and cons) of some fruits from around the world: the creamy biriba, the famously stinky durian, the mangosteen (all the rage on food blogs), and the beautiful salmon berry.

SeriousEats has an article about the jackfruit, "the largest tree born fruit known to man." The jackfruit is said to be not only large but odoriferous -- though not as smelly as the durian.

Finally, SeriousEats also gives us a post on pulasans and rambutans. These red, spiky, hair fruits look a lot like toys my kids throw at each other. Said to be protected by vicious fire ants, fruit lovers think they're worth the effort.


updated 1/19/2012

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