August 15, 2008

Adventurous Woman: Adrienne So, Harnessing the Jiggle

Adrienne So isn't all that fond of her breasts, she figures that they're only useful for a few years and then they're just a nuisance. In a burst of creativity, Ms. So decided that there had to be a way to put her "girls" to better use and the concept of powering an iPod by harnessing the jiggle was born.

"As I rode public transportation to the office, my messenger bag slung uncomfortably across my chest, I thought, "Why not put the girls to work?" Human-powered devices are showing up everywhere, from Rotterdam's sustainable dance floor to human-powered gyms in Hong Kong. The time seemed perfect—perhaps even overdue!—for a bra that could harness the untapped power of breast motion.

The idea of an energy-generating bra isn't as crazy as it might sound. A company called Triumph International Japan recently unveiled a solar-powered bra that supposedly will generate enough energy to power an iPod. But I live in foggy San Francisco and prefer not to walk around in my underwear in public. Could someone design an iPod-powering bra for me?"
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Posted on "Slate"
By Adrienne So

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