August 1, 2008

Countdown to the Olympics: "China Road"

How much do you really know about China? For most of us the world's largest country can be summed up with a few basic concepts: Communism, product recalls, and ancient Chinese secrets. In reality, China is an enormous place with a surprisingly wide variety of ethnic groups, beliefs, hopes and traditions.

In China Road, NPR's Rob Gifford travels the length of China's Route 312 -- their equivalent of our Route 66 -- from it's eastern origin in Shanghai to it's western end on the Kazakhstan border. In the course of covering 4,825 Kilometers (2,998 miles), Gifford introduces us to China's rich history, culture, and people. Interviewing everyone he meets (truck drivers, talk show hosts, prostitutes, Amway salesmen), he helps the reader build a new perspective into the country's past, present and future. I guarantee that after travelling with Rob, you'll never think of China the same way.

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