July 8, 2008

Yes, You Can! Be Open to Growth

I was visiting my favorite yoga spot, The Everything Yoga Blog, where I learned about an interesting article published in the New York Times, "If You're Open to Growth, You Tend to Grow." The article reports the findings of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck who has discovered that people who believe they were born with innate ability or a fixed amount of talent are less likely to fulfill their potential. These people are concerned about making mistakes and "falling from grace." It's the people who believe that they can continue to develop their abilities, who are willing to make mistakes and learn from them, that go on to live up to their greatest potential.

The article pertains to business people but the concept can easily be applied to all aspects of life. To live up to your potential you have to be willing to take some risks, make some mistakes and then move forward. In short, you have to be an adventurous woman.

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