July 28, 2008

Chickee Camping

The Everglades are always an adventure but camping in Everglades National Park takes your vacation to a new level. Open year round, the Everglades offers opportunities for tents and RVs, on the ground and on the beach, but for my money, the real adventure is camping in a Chickee. According to the the park's camping page, "Chickees are located along rivers and bays where dry land is inaccessable. They are elevated 10' x 12' wooden platforms with roofs. A walkway leads to a self-contained toilet. You'll need a free–standing tent, since stakes or nails are not allowed. No campfires are allowed on chickees. Some paddlers have difficulty accessing chickees from their boats. A loop of heavy rope may be helpful." Click here for the Everglades National Park "Wilderness Trip Planner" I think you might also need a good supply of bug repellant.

updated 1/11/2012

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