July 2, 2009

July 4 Fun: Water Balloons

Next to the Pie Eating Contest, the second most popular activity at our neighborhood Fourth of July party is the water balloon toss. I'm sure you've all filled water balloons and you've all thrown them at your friends in years past but if you've never done a water balloon contest for 100, here are a few tips.

First, fill all your balloons the night before. We fill more than 400 balloons and it takes a looooong time.

Second, float your balloons in a tub of water. You can't pile a bunch of water balloons into a big container because the bottom balloons will burst. However, if you add enough water to your containers so that the balloons float, you can store quite a few without any breakage.

Third, create a BIG finale! Our contest involves your standard 4" water balloon but for the very last round, a brave few get 9" balloons. I don't make a lot of these because they're hard to store.

The competition. Each contestant needs a teammate. Teams start facing each other about an arm-length apart. When you yell, "Go!" player A tosses her water balloon to player B and then takes a step back. Player B tosses the balloon back to Player A. Player B then takes one step back. This continues until the balloon breaks. The team that keeps their balloon in play the longest, wins.

Water balloons are a guilty pleasure for most adults. They act like they're beyond this kind of thing but secretly they're dying to do it. If you have a little kid ask an adult to please be his/her partner in the contest, the adult is sure to say, "yes."

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