July 24, 2009

Cross-Country Adventure: women re-enact historic road trip

Finishing off this road trip-themed week, here's an interesting bit about women who have re-enacted Alice Ramsey's historic cross-country road trip of 100 years ago. Alice, a bold 22-year-old, was the first woman to drive coast-to-coast in a day when driving was a physical activity. Alice had some friends along for the big ride and the women recreating her feat are no different.

Emily Anderson and Christie Catania spent a chunk of their summer in a rebuilt 1909 Maxwell DA, speeding across the country at a crazy 35 miles per hour. The two followed in Alice's wheel ruts and made a documentary about their experience.

To read an article about their efforts, click here.

To visit Emily and Christie's site, click here.

To read more about their film, click here.

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