June 1, 2009

Celebrating AWB's First Anniversary

Almost a year ago, on June 5, actually, I started Adventurous Women Blog. If you've been reading along, you know that my plan for this blog was, and is, to encourage women to leave their comfort zones and try new things. That might mean mountaineering to you but it might mean starting martial arts to your co-worker or entering a cooking contest to your sister.

I've been thinking about ways to celebrate the first 12 months as an adventurous blog--I wanted to find something that we could all do together. That's not an easy feat considering that you wonderful readers come from all parts of the globe. Clearly, we're not going to have a party at my house.

Going back to the idea that adventure means expanding your horizons, learning new things and leaving your comfort zone I decided the one thing that we all share is a fear of the unknown. And what's one thing that is universally unknown? Our neighbors.

We all have a strange older woman or a reclusive gentleman or a wacky family that we generally ignore or avoid. We also have people whom we see regularly but have never met. All of these people can enrich our lives with their stories, their traditions and their perspectives.

So, in honor of AWB's birthday, I am declaring June 5 "Meet Your Neighbor Day" and I challenge you to introduce yourself to one new person. I'll have some ideas on how to do that on Wednesday.

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Gaelyn said...

I rather liked the idea of a party at your house.

Lorna Harris said...


Congratulations on your anniversary. Meet your Neighbor Day is a lovely idea. Looking forward to your tips.