June 8, 2009

Life as an Ex Pat

It's not easy to pull up roots and set them down again in a foreign land but many, many women do just that. I thought you might like to get a perspective from several different international adventurers who are testing new cultures, new foods and new ways of life:

A Canadian mom with 3 preschoolers, writes about life in Cape Town, South Africa in "A Day"

A Canadian teaching English in China, Amy writes about "My Least Favourite Word"

An English woman re-rooting in California, Lorna writes about "How to be an Ex-Pat."

An American in Saudi Arabia, Susie writes "On Being Normal." (By the way, I'm happy to report that the KSA government has unblocked Susie's blog and Saudi citizens can once again read Susie's Big Adventure.)

If you're an expat and looking for kindred spirits, click here to visit Expat Women: Helping Women Living Overseas. To read blogs by women from all over the world, click here.


Niamh said...

I just found your blog, what a great read! I'm doing the expat route in reverse at the moment and having some outdoor adventures back in Ireland. Look forward to reading more about your trips!

Michaelle said...

Glad to have you Niamh!

Lorna Harris said...

Thank you for the mention Michaelle. I've been visiting Ex Pat Women, there are some fascinating stories posted there.

Michaelle said...

You've got some pretty interesting stories yourself!