March 2, 2009

Follow the Baffin Babes: 80 Days in the Arctic Circle

Vera Simonsson, Emma Simonsson, Ingebjoerg Tollefsen and Kristin Folsland Olsen -- four women calling themselves the Baffin Babes -- are setting out this week on an 80-day ski trek around Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. Covering 1200km, and visiting only three towns, the women are prepared to face the elements, and the occasional polar bear while enjoying the Arctic wilderness. Why? According to their web site, it's because of, "their great love of nature and the feeling of freedom from living such a nomadic life out in the snow. It's pure, its simple, and its satisfying!"

You can check out the Baffin Babe's site and track their progress here. You can sign their guest book and leave a message here or contact the Babes directly here.

Good luck ladies, we'll be watching!

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