March 19, 2009

Adventurous Woman: Sarah Outen to Row Across Indian Ocean is reporting that a British woman, Sarah Outen, is attempting to cross the Indian Ocean under her own power. One of my very first posts was about Roz Savage's attempt to row her way across the Pacific. Reading about Roz's progress week after week, I realized that the journey was not only physically difficult but the endless days alone, the assorted mishaps and the harsh weather made the adventure a challenge for the spirit as well.

We'll all be able to track Sarah's progress for the next 100+ days via her web site and her daily blog posts. To learn more about Sarah, her charity and her efforts, click here. Also, I've added a link to her site under "Good Places to Visit." (Psst, it's on the right side of this page...about half-way down.)

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