June 30, 2013

Pedaling to Portland: Day 20-23

Julie and a group of young adults are biking from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR this summer to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. They will cover 4,400 miles in 10 weeks. This is Julie's report for

Day 20-23:

(Note: The group has overnight hosts who allow them to spend the evening in a sheltered location. Most of these hosts are churches)

Three days ago we biked into Chicago and got caught in a storm when we were about seven miles from our host. We stopped at a gas station for cover for about 15 minutes then finished our ride when the rain let up a bit. On Day 21, we had a rest day in Chicago and it was amazing! We went to see The Bean in Millennium Park and went shopping at some of the biggest stores I've ever been in. For lunch we went to my first Thai restaurant ever and it was good! We took the L back to our host, which was pretty similar to Washington's Metro.
We all take shelter from the storm

The next day (Day 22), we road from Chicago to Mendota, IL. Leaving the city was a lot easier than any of us thought it was going to be--I guess because it was a Sunday morning. This caused the bike trails to be very crowded, however. While on one of the trails, I was riding behind another rider and failed to see a short pole, which hit me and caused me to fall over. The person behind me also fell off his bike. We both fell into a creek and laughed about it for the next five miles. Later that day, when we were about 18 miles from our host, a fierce storm came out of nowhere. We took shelter in an abandoned farm and waited out the storm for about an hour then finished strong. That night, we stayed in a fire house, which was pretty interesting.

This morning (Day 23), we woke up to yet another storm so we had no choice but to ride in the van to our next host. During the drive, we got a tornado warning and got stuck in one of the craziest storms yet! We're all hoping for better weather in the days to come!
The 4K visits The Bean

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