June 17, 2013

Pedaling to Portland: Day 16

Julie and a group of young adults are biking from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR this summer to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. They will cover 4,400 miles in 10 weeks. This is Julie's report for

Day 16:

Today we finished our first century!! We road 107 miles in one day from Columbus, OH to Eaton, OH. It was so hard but I'm glad I finished it. This morning I lead a paceline for long time. A paceline is when all the riders are in a line and ride close behind the person in front of them because that person blocks the wind. Everyone rides at the pace set by the first person--and we were going about 20 miles an hour.  It was pretty cool. We had a pretty awesome lunch but I know the miles we did after eating were definitely harder than the morning because I was tired. I'm excited that tomorrow is only 60 miles (I never thought I would say that).


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