June 1, 2013

Pedaling to Portland: a 4,400 mile cross-country adventure

Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR. 4,400 miles in 10 weeks.

 Last summer, my friend Joanne got her motorcycle license and took her first road trip to Sturgis, SD.  This year, daughter Julie is trying to outdo her mom in the adventure business.  Julie and a group of young adults will spend 10 weeks crossing the US (4.400 miles) on their bicycles to benefit The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

“I am riding because I want to do something above and beyond just raising money for cancer,” said Julie. “I feel that when people find out what an amazing opportunity the ride is, it gets them thinking about the smaller things they can do.”

We’ll be following Julie’s cross-country adventure beginning with her June 2 departure from Baltimore.  Check in often to share her experiences.

Here’s her route:
After leaving Baltimore’s Inner Harbor riders head north to southern Pennsylvania then strike west through Ohio and Indiana and then curl up to Chicago, IL.  From the Windy City, riders travel through Iowa and Nebraska before landing in Boulder, CO. From Boulder, the route takes a distinctive northern turn into Wyoming’s Teton National Park then continues west again through Idaho and into Oregon.

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