September 20, 2013

Maryland Lighthouse Challenge Sept 21 & 22

Sandy Point Lighthouse, MD
Are you looking for an enlightening experience this weekend? Well look no further, the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge has everything you need. This two-day event offers lighthouse enthusiasts a chance to visit 9 lighthouses and 1 lightship while collecting complimentary souvenirs and enjoying some history. You can see the lights in any order but you have to visit all 10 to complete the challenge and claim your special prize.

But that's not all! This year's challenge offers three bonus lighthouses (including one in Virginia) and a cruise. A list of lighthouses, driving directions, fees and schedules can be found here.

All the fun is sponsored by the Chesapeake Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society and is intended to remind us all that lighthouses are an important part of our maritime heritage and remain treasured keepsakes of a by-gone era.

If you aren't in the Chesapeake Bay area and want to know more about lighthouses in your local waters, click here.

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