September 23, 2013

League of Adventurous Women Launches Web Site!

It's official! The League of Adventurous Women web site is online and ready for visitors.

The new easy-to-use site will help you find a women's adventure group in your area or get tips on starting a group of your own.  The site helps organizations as well by connecting potential new members with groups and increasing an organization's exposure in the community. There's a snazzy League widget that organizations can add to their own web sites (see the FAQ page).

The League of Adventurous Women network includes educational organizations like Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, groups focused on a single activity like fishing, sailing or cycling; as well as "bucket-list" organizations that offer a wide variety of opportunities.

The League doesn't cater to women of a particular age, income level or ability, The League helps all women leave their comfort zones, break their routines and pursue their dreams.

Drop by the new site an give it a test drive:

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Riaharaj said...

I am an adventurous woman too. Who said marriage is a necessity. I fought with my parents and got out of the house.