August 26, 2009

Adventure Site of the Week: Under the Milky Way

There are adventures for the mind and body and there are adventures for the spirit. Rita at "Under the Milky Way" is training for all three as she prepares to walk a 500-mile long pilgrimage through Spain. I asked Rita to describe her upcoming trip and here's what she had to say:

I am an avid traveler, always looking for my next adventure. This time that adventure is a 500 mile Spiritual Pilgrimage, trekking across northern Spain, along an ancient footpath called the Camino de Santiago, through 3 mountain chains, some of the most beautifully preserved medieval villages, mostly unchanged in over 1,000 years, and some of the most scenic countryside in Europe, to the tomb of the Apostle Saint James. It is the 3rd most important Pilgrimage in the world, topped only by Rome and Jerusalem.

I will walk between 5 to 8 hours each day for more than a month, carrying the bare necessities on my back and staying in a network of places along the way, mostly in hostels, convents and monasteries.

The journey is an amazing experience in simplicity, leaving behind all the luxuries and conveniences of home, along with all the stress, burdens and politics. They say the road offers many lessons to all who walk it, the most profound being the journey of self discovery.

When asked why, at 62, I am taking on such an arduous journey, both physically and mentally challenging, even for someone much younger in years, I cannot give a clear-cut answer. I can only say that I am enjoying training by walking and hiking daily and I am looking forward to what the journey has to offer.

My Pilgrimage begins soon. I leave for Spain on September 6 to start my journey.
You can follow my progress by reading my blog which I will be updating while making my way across Spain.

To follow Rita's adventure, click here to visit, Under the Milky Way

Image courtesy of Rita at Under the Milky Way


Olguis said...

We wish you a wonderful and useful trip for your head and your body.You look strong and well prepared for this adventure.Go ahead!
Hugs, from Olga Y José Maria

monica devine said...

I know several people who have done the Camino, and each came away inspired, tired, and enriched in their own unique way. Follow your dreams.

Michaelle said...

It's always been on my bucket list. I watched "The Way" a couple of months ago and it's now much higher on the list!