December 19, 2008

Are You Afraid to Make a Pie?

Earlier this week I wrote about the American Pie Council's national competition, but I've come to realize that MANY people are not only not ready for competition, they have never attempted a pie from scratch. I am embarrassed to admit that I fall half-way into that category.

Oh, I can make a filling with the best of them, it's the crust that scares me. Mine never roll out in a circle, they crumble at the edges, they disintegrate before getting to the pie plate, they're hard to cut with a knife let alone a fork. I have become a firm believer in purchasing the pre-rolled, refrigerated versions -- something that baffles my mother. My mom, who has been to the Pillsbury Bake-Off so many times that she (and her children) are ineligible for all future Bake-Offs; whose favorite childhood memories involve snowy days and mincemeat pie, has raised a daughter who runs an adventure group, writes an adventure blog and is afraid of pie crust.

Well, my mother will be happy to know that the Pie Council wants to help all of us (OK, me) to develop a new skill. From now through December 23, there will be pie pros manning the Crisco Pie Hotline who are ready to answer questions, supply tips and cheer us on. These happy helpers can be found at 1-877-FOR-PIE-TIPS (1-877-367-7438).

If you are a visual learner and you want (need) more help, you can go to "Pie Central" at where there are videos with step-by-step instructions on crust making and more pie tips. How can we go wrong?

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