December 15, 2008

The American Pie Council Wants YOU!

I have to admit that I only recently discovered that there is an organization called the American Pie Council. Just saying the name makes me happy. Even better, the American Pie Council is calling ALL pie bakers (amateurs, kids and pros alike) to compete in the 15th Annual National Pie Championships, April 24-26 in Orlando.

There are 15 separate categories for amateurs ranging from Apple, Citrus and Cream to Pumpkin, Splenda and Open. The top three winners in each division take home $100, $150 or $200. The pie baker earning "Best in Show" also gets a Sears Kenmore range and the top cash prize of $5,000.

If you aren't quite ready for competition but you think it's high time you had credentials to back up your baking, you can become a card-carrying member of the American Pie Council here. (I hear they're nice but a little flaky....)

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