October 24, 2008

Dig This: You Can Drive a Bulldozer for FUN!

Admit it, you've always wanted to drive one of those huge earth-moving machines. You aren't alone. Dig This, the country's first heavy-equipment play area, gets almost 50% of it's business from adventurous women. The Steamboat, Colorado-based, company has opportunities for individuals or groups (adventure clubs!) to take control of excavators, skid loaders and bulldozers for a half day or a full day of fun.
The folks at Dig This will make sure you're well trained so don't worry about having previous experience. Prices range from $250 for a half day with the skid steer loader ("the sports car of heavy equipment") to $650 for a full day with the excavator and bulldozer and lunch.
But wait! There's more! Dig This just announced plans for a new Excavate and Exfoliate program; an adventure, lodging and spa package that combines the big toys at Dig This with the spa at the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel. Watch this space for details....
Images courtesy of Dig This

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Beau Proctor said...

Sounds pretty exciting! =D Is it still operating? I hope so, because I would want to engage in this activity. Seeing other women like me, who are fond of driving bulldozers would be tons of fun. In addition, we could share stuffs about the awesome machine.

Beau Proctor