September 8, 2008

Take the President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test

Remember that award from the President's Council on Physical Fitness? We spent hours in PE running and exercising in the hopes of earning a certificate and a dark blue patch with a golden presidential eagle.

Even if your gym teacher is long past retirement, you can't escape the fitness challenge from the White House. Click here to learn more about the President's fitness tests: aerobic, strength & endurance, flexibility, and body composition. You can enter all your test data online and receive instant fitness scores along with tips for improving. My suggestion: try it today, set some reasonable goals and then try it again in a few months. Challenge YOURSELF and see what you can accomplish over the next year.

Go put on your Keds or your PF Flyers and give it a shot. It'll make you feel like a kid again!

Image courtesy of the President's Challenge Program.

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