September 17, 2008

Go Yurt!

In my opinion, fall is the best time for camping: the days are warm and dry, the nights are cool and dry and you have two chances to catch meteor showers in the evenings.

What's that? Your tent has collapsed from overuse? You don't own a tent? You don't WANT to own a tent?
How about a Yurt!

A yurt?
The housing unit of choice among nomads in the Eastern hemisphere, yurts are circular, portable and roomy. However, since most people in the West don't store theirs in the basement with the holiday decorations, there are a number of places that are happy to rent a yurt for the night.
For a lot more information about living in the round, check out this article from "How Stuff Works." Still not sure if yurting is for you? Click here.
Now, go find a yurt in your neck of the woods:

Yurts for 5 in Oregon state park:
Yurts in Vermont

Yurts in Georgia state parks

Yurts at Nickerson State Park, MA

Yurts in Utah

Photo credit: A yurt in Bobby Brown State Park in Elberton, Ga

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