December 13, 2013

Want to Explore the Milkyway?

Fun Citizen Scientist News from the Zooniverse Team:

The original Milky Way Project (MWP), which asks citizen scientists like YOU to help measure and map our galaxy, launched three years ago. Since then more than 50,000 individuals have contributed millions of drawings of objects in our galaxy. The new MWP is being launched to map data from different regions of the galaxy in a new infrared wavelength combination. It’s very exciting! There are tens of thousands of images from the Spitzer Space Telescope to look through. After a bit of training, volunteers record what they see in this infrared data and Zooniverse scientists can better understand how stars form.

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In other awesome news: The Zooniverse has been named as one of six Google Global Impact Awardees for 2013. This award will allow for a platform that can support hundreds or maybe even thousands of new and exciting citizen science projects!

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