July 14, 2013

Pedaling to Portland: Day 40-42

Julie and a group of young adults are biking from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR to benefit the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. The team will cover 4,400 miles in 10 weeks. This is Julie's report for

Julie Crosses the Continental Divide: elev. 11.990 ft.
Day 40-42:

Colorado: Day 40 was our first day in the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies and I have a love/hate relationship because I love how beautiful they are but the climbing is a killer. We ended up taking the harder route from Boulder to Idaho Springs but it was worth it when we had about 8 miles of downhill and didn't have to pedal at all at the end of the day. During that downhill stretch, I reached a maximum speed of 45 mph!

Day 41, we got up at 4:30am so that we could set out early. We climbed Loveland Pass and at the top was the Continental Divide. It was the highest point of the entire trip at 11,990 feet! We were hit with some bad weather in the afternoon and after climbing the first mountain I was beat so I was vanned to our overnight host location.

Saturday (day 42), was a fairly easy route that was mostly downhill. We went through Glenwood Canyon on a trail that was awesome! Tomorrow we should be back to climbing so wish me luck!
Glenwood Canyon, CO


Al Ansorge said...

Here is to more downhill days than uphill days!

Chasity said...

This is awesome!