October 10, 2010

Visit a Psychic!

Back in January, the League of Adventurous Women added "visit a psychic" to the annual to-do list and today was the group's big day.

Psychics are always interesting but our organizer, Pam, added to the experience by arranging for our group to spend the morning having brunch and bottomless mimosas at Ben's Next Door (the modern addition to DC's historic Ben's Chili Bowl).  In between bites of Ben's famous fried chicken, waffles and chili fries, we took turns visiting the Zodiac Reading Room a few doors away.

Our reader, Victoria, who offered both palm and tarot card readings, came up with some startling observations, secret predictions and a bit of advice for the coming months. We're all marking our calendars with the important dates she mentioned and have decided to return in six months for a follow-up visit.

This is a terrific October adventure if you have an open mind, a spirit of fun and, did I mention the bottomless mimosas?

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Gaelyn said...

I like the bottomless mimosas best. Fun gathering of the girls.

Michaelle said...

: )

australia immigration said...

Well, I do believed in that psychic, but sometimes some of there are over reacting.

Marites said...

sounds like a fun adventure! it's been awhile since i've had tarot reading. I'd like to try that again.