January 16, 2009

An Online Adventure for Writers and Artists

If you dream of publishing your poetry, prose, photographs or artwork it's time to take action and turn those dreams into reality. In The Mist magazine, an outdoor literary magazine is looking for women like you.

In the Mist wants your submissions for the April 2009 Earth Day celebration issue. Send travel stories, prose, poetry, photography, and artwork about what you do outside. They are interested in anything from mountain biking to walking through Central Park to relaxing by a lake watching the clouds. The deadline for the April issue is March 31, 2009. Send submissions to inthemistmag@aol.com. Please include your name and type of submission in the subject line.

For submission guidelines, click here.

By the way, yours truly has a very short piece featured in the current issue. You can find me over in "prose" encouraging readers to "Start Running!"


Anna said...

I just have to say that this is an excellent blog. I came come upon it today and scanned some of the topics. I think you have found yourself another reader.

I never really thought much about my activities, I just do what I like to do. I’ve always been an outdoor type of a person. Ever since I started driving and bought my first used compact, I’ve been taking cross country trips or looking for adventures in far away places. I think it’s in my blood. If I don’t travel for a month or so, or see something different I get kind of antsy.

I guess I still get surprised when people call me “adventurous” I always thought that was reserved for people who quit work and spend 5 years hiking or riding their motorcycle across the globe. I guess there are degrees of adventure.

I also write a blog, I’m an avid motorcyclist, hiker, camper.

You can add me to your blog roll if you’d like.


Michaelle said...

Thanks for the nice sentiments, Anna. I'll come by excessivelocity for a visit.