November 6, 2008

What's Your "Other" Life?

I became aware of “other” lives a few years ago when the two people who shared a nearby office told me about theirs. Yvonne revealed that after she left work, she became the late-night voice of a local radio station. I was stunned by this and then Ted disclosed that he spent his other life as the play-by-play man for college football. I was embarrassed that my other life revolved around sitting on a couch or possibly grocery shopping.

Since my initial discovery, I have learned that many people complement their “pay-the-bills” or “take-care-of-the-family” lives with other lives. Here are just a few of the real people I know: Christine is a curator by day but in her other life she is a make-up consultant for Chanel, Cynthia is a rocket scientist with NASA as well as an accomplished martial artist, Maria teaches special needs children and runs marathons, Lori is a nutritionist who travels the world as an amateur astronomer, Karen is a research scientist who spends her free time on a Harley.

Each of these women found that it was important to not only have a career but to follow a dream. What about YOU? If you don't have an other life, think about what you have always wanted to do. What would make your life more fulfilling-interesting-fun?

Stuck? Why not make a list of all of your interests, and see if anything sparks your imagination? If you're like me, this task may give you instant brain freeze so here's some help. Click here for Wikipedia's very long list of hobbies and here for another 206 ideas from NotSoBoring

I'm happy to say that I have another life these days and its keeping me off the couch. What's YOUR other life?

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